Frequently Asked Questions

Websites are the new mobile apps, PWAs are extended version of your website with best features of native apps. They are based on browser app shell, works on service workers which is the most powerful concept in web today. You could visit our blog to understand this technology. You could also watch this video to see how your website would start behaving after widely's 15 minute integration.
Analytics driven from features of a progressive web app, like wise we do for mobile apps, to measure PWA success and re-targetting web app users who are actively engaging.

For an instance your web app is installable now, our APIs does in-depth analysis & depict statistics of such as install count & many other different metrices & segments of users.

You can even drive campaigns to understand more as a Marketer or a Business. These statistics will be integrated with your web analytics provider or push notification provider.
Any web app/website could be transformed into a new age PWA. These are few pre-requisites you should follow before starting up with setup.
Currently major mobile & web browsers: Chrome, firefox & opera on Android OS for mobile & Windows for Desktop support PWAs & features. IOS safari is yet need to support it, we too are waiting for that day, some features in IOS are supported as part of customization.
Yes you can, we have special discounts for businesses providing services/ web apps as a solution to their clients. Please connect with us to know more about it.
If you're unsatisfied with Widely integration, and we can't meet the expected results we showcased. You're entitled to get full refund within 15 days of Integration in Startup and Premium Plan.
Being tech enthusiasts ourselves, we can relate to your thoughts, but this is all about business & outcomes. At Widely, a team of proficient web engineers have built, improving, testing & adding new features everyday for you. Does that add any value for you to add the same amount of effort, when this is not your core business? This is the reason why we're here.

Widely is a product, where we've reduced the effort to build a PWA under 15 minutes & costing not even of a single team member to you. You sure should check this out and make a decision according to your business type.
We do not have any direct competition as of now. Widely is an intuitive platform where we provide unique solutions for building & tracking a PWA. 15 minutes plug & play, Developer Suite & Analytics for existing PWAs.
Yes, we were formerly called ProgressHive, we've rebranded to Widely. But don't worry nothing else has changed, it just means we're improving.
Progressive Web App built using our platform comes paying a license fee. Checkout pricing to understand better.
A simple copy code feature, where from Widely's dashboard you could copy the code to your website & let it become a progressive web app instantly.
We're not in your analytics provider space, infact we integrate seamlessly with any website analytics provider. Analytics provided by Widely are segmented only to features introduced by a progressive web app, which no current analytics provider gather, including our tool would help you understand your users better.
Yes, 50% amount of your current plan's value to be deducted from the plan you wish to buy. Connect with us to understand better.
We provide support via emails & chat, further custom plans could be explored, once you start using Widely.
Yes, there is detailed understanding about the current features we've mentioned under each pricing plan, plus minor features for a better PWA performance.

Also, we've a long list of upcoming features in each plan which today browsers have started supporting. Request a demo with us to have a better understanding.
At Widely we support different push notification providers with our integration. Our team will setup Widely APIs with your existing provider seemlessly, as both of them work on the same technology it is required.
Yes, this is a great website to checkout current Progressive Web Apps being built in the world. We're soon updating PWAs built using Widely.
Google is the world leader in transforming & introducing technologies, this is also term coined & being driven by them for the whole web community. Apart from Chrome other major browser vendors support this as part of web specifications for service workers driven by w3c. Widely is an enabler for your website to create progressive/ lite mobile apps supporting browser vendors.
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